Bingo is one of the common speciality games that many casino players find interesting to play. And like most top casino games, it also offers players a chance to win big. If you are a novice to bingo, you may easily get confused with the marking of cards and the entire selection of numbers by the dealer. However, learning how to play bingo is easy, In this guide, we will explain bingo gameplay in detail. You can visit online-casino-za to find out more about different casino games.

Bingo is a luck game. What this means is that players don't need to have any special skills before they can start playing bingo. It is a game which you can learn within minutes without going through much stress. Bingo is very similar to keno and lotteries. As a matter of fact, their gameplay is not so different. To play bingo, you will need to first buy a bingo ticket/card. If you're playing online, the card will be provided for you once you select the game.

Bingo Ticket Layout

The ticket used in bingo comes with numbers written on them. Most variation of bingo have a maximum of 25 fields arranged in a 5x5 format. On the card, you will find 2 numbers imprinted by default and the middle square is usually left empty. The reason for this is to help players to line up the numbers easily. The goal in bingo is for players to successfully mark the numbers on the card in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal way.


The Raffle Round in Bingo

The raffle round in bingo is carried out by the dealer. However, if you are playing a variation of online bingo, the raffle round is handled by the computer which based on the Random Number Generator (RNG) included in the game. During this raffle round, numbers will be selected at random and it will be marked on your card. If after all the numbers are selected, you are able to line your card horizontally, diagonally or vertically, then your card has won and you will need to shout "Bingo"!

Playing Free Bingo

The impressive thing about online casinos is that players can now play different kinds of casino games, including bingo, for free. Online casinos feature bingo games for free so that players can test them and also familiarize themselves with the gameplay and features. So you can always play these free bingo games to practise and learn how the game is played. However, you should note that when playing any variation of online bingo for free, you cannot make real money winnings in the game.

Choosing a Top Bingo Casino

Once you've learnt how the game is played, you may want to start playing for money so that you can get a chance to win money in the game. Thus, you will need to choose an online casino that offers bingo games. We recommend that when choosing a bingo casino, you should consider factors such as the variations of bingo games available on the casino lobby, the casino licence, and the payment methods supported. Besides that, you should equally consider the bonuses offered and customer support.